The Folk Ark Directory is go!

I'm very pleased to announce that the Directory is live! After a long summer of preparation it kicks off with 20 fantastic companies and organisations listed, taking in a vast range of crafts and regions.

The internet has created connections between producers and consumers who would never otherwise have crossed paths. While this is a beautiful thing, as an online punter it can be difficult both to find producers of quality artisan crafts and to have confidence that your purchases are produced fairly, authentically and sustainably. The aim of the Directory is to help consumers to find and buy beautiful artisan-made goods with ease and confidence. 

Folk Ark's emphasis is on enterprises offering products that find new applications for traditional folk craft and artisan skills, and of course trade these products fairly. Some companies listed are the originators of their goods, some work in partnership with artisans to design their range, while others source directly.

So, have a browse around the world! Companies will continue to be added so if you know of or run an enterprise you think is a good fit, please get in touch.