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ClothRoads is a comprehensive and broad-reaching resource — a 'Global Textile Marketplace' for products and stories from textile cultures around the world, from El Salvador to Estonia, Madagascar to Myanmar. The enterprise was established in 2011 by three women who combined their passions and professions to sate their love of textiles by giving back to the indigenous women who create them. ClothRoads works directly with artisans to source goods created in harmony with tradition, culture and environment while also appealing to the tastes of discerning modern consumers.

ClothRoads' range includes textile accessories such as scarves, bags and hats; home textiles; handwoven fabric by the yard; textile practitioner materials and other objects intended simply to delight.

In addition, ClothRoads is a great resource for traditional craft and textile enthusiasts and practitioners, offering a comprehensive blog highlighting different cultures and communities of indigenous makers as well as the techniques that create their work. There is a regularly updated schedule of Global Textile Events, information on natural dye suppliers, and recommendations for textile-related travel. Basically we should all feel very lucky that such a place exists — welcome to the Directory, ClothRoads!