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Indego Africa

Today's new Directory listing is Indego Africa, whose extensive range of bright handcrafted goods is created in partnership with artisan cooperatives in Rwanda and Ghana. The company's emphasis is on female empowerment through employment and education, while also encouraging the perpetuation of traditional skills such as agaseke, a specialised fibre weaving technique once reserved for royalty. The company invests all profits back into programmes to train and educate their artisans in technique, business practice and general financial management. You can learn more about each cooperative and even shop for products made specifically by each here.  

For the women artisans, the results of Indego Africa's structure are improved prospects for themselves and their children and, by extension, their entire community; for the consumer they are stylish, practical and fun things to wear, use and just admire. I'm particularly fond of their super colourful sweetgrass and sisal baskets, and elegant carved cow horn vases and tumblers. Welcome Indego Africa!