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Yemenite Art

I'm very happy to welcome jeweller Ben-Zion David's Yemenite Art to the Folk Ark Directory! Ben-Zion's family has been perpetuating the ancient techniques of handmade silver filigree jewelry and Judaica in the Yemenite Jewish style for eight generations, and Ben-Zion himself still uses these same techniques, and tools bearing their Yemenite names, in his workshop in Old Jaffa near Tel Aviv in Israel. The video below gives a fascinating insight into the process that takes one of Ben-Zion's pieces from silver wires to jaw-dropping bracelet.

His pieces range from delicate, intricate pendants to large pieces for traditional ceremonial use, incorporating semi-precious stones, coral and even lava, as well as traditional symbols and motifs such as the pomegranate. The standard of Ben-Zion's work is internationally recognised and for the past six years he has exhibited at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market. See more of Ben-Zion's work and links to his online shop on Yemenite Art's profile page.