L A Cano

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L. A. Cano

The next welcome addition to the Folk Ark Directory is Colombian jeweller L. A. Cano, whose high quality reproductions of pre-Hispanic designs have been painstakingly researched over generations of the Cano family's fascination with the region's indigenous peoples and the artefacts they left behind.

Working L. A. Cano's designs in 24k gold-plated brass, 18k gold and .925 sterling silver are a team of skilled craftsmen utilising the same smithing methods as were employed in pre-Columbian times, including lost wax casting, hammering, bas-relief and high-relief. The resulting range pays homage not only to the aesthetic flair of indigenous Colombian cultures but to the ingenuity and skill of their craftsmen, and their belief in the supernatural properties of the materials with which they worked. This page of their website briefly describes some of the pre-Columbian cultures on whose original artefacts their pieces are based.