Shiprock Santa Fe

Shiprock rocks

In putting together yesterday's Round-Up I had an exploratory rummage through Shiprock Santa Fe's selection of contemporary bangles and cuffs and was blown away by the stunning and unique pieces in their collection. So much so that for fear of dominating the whole egalitarian round-up concept, I'm just giving them their own post! Here are more than a few I can't stop looking at. 

(Click the images to access their respective pages on Shiprock's website and again, if viewing on a mobile, turn it sideways to see captions.)

Silversmithing is relatively new to Native American material culture, and items in Shiprock's collections of Native American jewellery range from late 19th century to contemporary pieces, hand-drawn and forged to machine processed. Each is selected and evaluated by Jed Foutz, the man behind Shiprock and himself raised on the Navajo Nation in a family of art traders.

All images from Shiprock Santa Fe's website.