The practice of digging up, shaping and firing clay is ancient and common to so many cultures that it is unsurprising that many homewares brands seek out the skills of artisans internationally, to sustain traditional techniques and apply them to modern designs. The results are beautiful both in look and feel.

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Oaxacan ceramic homewares and jewelry, hand-made in Oaxaca by traditional potters and designers with the aim of preserving the traditional pottery skills peculiar to the region

Based in Mexico | Produced in Mexico

Ships to International



Diverse collection of clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor and textiles curated from artisan sources worldwide. Highlights include contemporary Acoma pottery and an exquisite range of Lao and Bhutanese textiles.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to USA and Puerto Rico; international on request

indego africa

Indego Africa

Jewelry, accessories, clothing, homewares, children's wear & nursery decor handcrafted by women in Ghana and Rwanda, with all profits reinvested into education schemes. 

Based in USA | Produced in Ghana & Rwanda

Ships to USA; international on request



Homeware, accessories and toys from a broad range of sources, fusing modern design with traditional craftsmanship as a means of preserving endangered handicraft techniques and empowering their practitioners.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to International 

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territory design

Home decor and textiles curated from a network of artisans and makers into a collection of unique handcrafted items that reflect the brand's taste for nature, culture and quality, while retaining both function and a timeless aesthetic.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to International

trasto panama red clay plates


Trasto works with artisans in Panama and Colombia to create homewares of beautiful simplicity and tactility from natural materials, using techniques unique to the region.

Based in Panama | Produced in Panama & Colombia

Ships to International

IMAGE: Colectivo 1050° - Women in this Oaxacan cooperative prepare to fire their ceramics in the traditional manner, Mexico