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ClothRoads sources its vast array of diverse textile pieces directly from the skilled artisans who are dyeing, weaving, spinning, printing and embroidering some of world’s most beautiful objects. The group aims to help build and develop new markets that allow artisans and communities, and especially women and girls, to flourish. 

The ClothRoads team spent many exciting but deskbound years as members of the Interweave media executive team, and established ClothRoads in order to explore new horizons through a business model that promotes cultural and creative sustainability in all they do.


Visit ClothRoads online. Shipping is currently within the USA and Canada only; for international orders, contact ClothRoads on the email below. You can also visit ClothRoads' retail showroom in Loveland, Colorado.

ClothRoads is based in the USA and works with artisans worldwide. Learn more about the artisans and ancient textile techniques on the fascinating ClothRoads Blog



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