Though craft as a common source of income suffered the blows of industrialisation across European cultures, old and strongly regional artisanal traditions do live on and are being preserved and revived, thanks in part to brands such as these, finding and partnering with artisans to sustain their heritage as a living cultural entity. Meanwhile, interest in the strong craft traditions of Turkey and Eurasia is increasingly moving beyond the domain of rugs, to include those cultures' other extraordinary textile, shoemaking and ceramics techniques, to name just a few.


cloth roads

Handmade textile accessories, home textiles, fabric and textile artisan supplies sourced from artisans worldwide, with an emphasis on community development and female empowerment.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to USA & Canada; international on request



Diverse collection of clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor and textiles curated from artisan sources worldwide. Highlights include contemporary Acoma pottery and an exquisite range of Lao and Bhutanese textiles.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to USA and Puerto Rico; international on request

ibu movement hart tassel earrings

ibu movement

An 'ibu' is a woman of respect, and the emphasis of this movement is on the sustainable self-sufficiency of women through their skill in traditional crafts, creating handmade luxury goods that seamlessly fuse tradition with classic glamour.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to International

kokku uva collection


KOKKU works exclusively with Sardinian master filigree craftsmen in an effort to 'preserve by promoting'. Their range represents traditional Sardinian filigree techniques, complemented by contemporary yet classic pieces.

Based in UK | Produced in Italy

Ships to International



Homeware, accessories and toys from a broad range of sources, fusing modern design with traditional craftsmanship as a means of preserving endangered handicraft techniques and empowering their practitioners.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to International 

territory design.jpg

territory design

Home decor and textiles curated from a network of artisans and makers into a collection of unique handcrafted items that reflect the brand's taste for nature, culture and quality, while retaining both function and a timeless aesthetic.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to International

IMAGE: KOKKU - Woman displaying traditional Sardinian jewelry during the Cavalcata Sarda