HAITI | Jewelry, accessories and homewares

Years after a family connection took Emma Allen to Haiti,  she turned her experience as an accessories designer to the aid of artisans there. In collaboration with a Port-au-Prince workshop run by Chandler and Josh Busby,  Allen designs a line of products which utilise the local artisans' existing skills and make the most of available resources. The name was extracted from a phrase appearing on the Haitian flag: L'Union Fait La Force — Strength in Unity.

The line now comprises bags and purses, jewelry, homewares and even a couple of toys, in materials ranging from leather to linen to horn. Much of the production is done by hand, with machine processing used where needed and available.


Visit Fait La Force's online shop or one of their stockists around the USA. 

Fait La Force is based in Haiti and the USA, working with artisans in Haiti. Meet the makers here.