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Since its inception in 2004, the annual Santa Fe International Folk Art Market has become the means by which over 700 folk artists from 87 countries have been able to bring their wares and their culture to the global stage and to forge relationships that greatly augment the economic and cultural viability of their work. Artists submit free written applications with accompanying images of their work and are selected along guidelines pertaining to its quality; traditionalism of form and production; lineage of skill; and its role or use in their community.

The organisation behind the market, held each July, has since transformed into the International Folk Art Alliance and launched the International Folk Art Market Online, a means of offering selected market artists' work year-round to buyers anywhere in the United States. This involves training the artists themselves to participate directly in the exportation of their work, thereby growing and managing their businesses with the support of the IFAA. Thus far, IFAM Online represents 22 folk artists from 20 countries.


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