Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Metals precious and common have been shaped for millennia into adornments for ceremony and simple decoration; as dowries and currency or for personal pleasure. The variety of techniques and styles found across the world is astounding and delightful, and can still be accessed and enjoyed thanks to brands such as those below, partnering with artisans to sustain ancient techniques for a modern marketplace



Diverse collection of clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor and textiles curated from artisan sources worldwide. Highlights include contemporary Acoma pottery and an exquisite range of Lao and Bhutanese textiles.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to USA and Puerto Rico; international on request



Jewelry, accessories and homewares designed by Emma Allen to utilise local Haitian artisans' existing skills and make the most of available resources. 

Based in USA | Produced in Haiti

Ships to USA

GGP horn vessels

global goods partners

Jewelry, accessories and home decor produced by 40 female artisan groups in 20 countries across the Global South.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to USA

house of wandering silk himachal robe.png

house of wandering silk

Clothing, accessories and jewelry produced in partnership with female artisans under the guiding principle that "there is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness"

Based in India | Produced in South, Central & East Asia

Ships to International

ibu movement hart tassel earrings

ibu movement

An 'ibu' is a woman of respect, and the emphasis of this movement is on the sustainable self-sufficiency of women through their skill in traditional crafts, creating handmade luxury goods that seamlessly fuse tradition with classic glamour.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to International

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indego africa

Jewelry, accessories, clothing, homewares, children's wear & nursery decor handcrafted by women in Ghana and Rwanda, with all profits reinvested into education schemes. 

Based in USA | Produced in Ghana & Rwanda

Ships to USA; international on request

inzuki lookbook

inzuki designs

Jewelry, accessories and homewares inspired by and incorporating traditional Rwandan craftsmanship and motifs, handcrafted by local artisans

Based in Rwanda | Produced in Rwanda

Ships to USA & Europe (from USA)

kokku uva collection


KOKKU works exclusively with Sardinian master filigree craftsmen in an effort to 'preserve by promoting'. Their range represents traditional Sardinian filigree techniques, complemented by contemporary yet classic pieces.

Based in UK | Produced in Italy

Ships to International

la cano talisman

l. A. Cano

Pre-Columbian reproduction jewelry and objects created by highly skilled artisans using the same ancient methods practiced by indigenous, pre-Hispanic goldsmiths

Based & produced in Colombia

Ships to International

malambo wayuu_mochila


Bags and accessories, with a particular focus on colourful mochila bags handwoven by the Wayuu people, a matrilineal society in which weaving has traditionally been a central source of income.

Based in Australia | Produced in Colombia

Ships to International



Homeware, accessories and toys from a broad range of sources, fusing modern design with traditional craftsmanship as a means of preserving endangered handicraft techniques and empowering their practitioners.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to International 




Jewelry handmade by artisan partners who would otherwise lack access to the digital marketplace, thereby offering consumers jewellery that is stylish, innovative and ethically sound.

Based in USA | Produced in Kenya

Ships to International

territory design.jpg

territory design

Home decor and textiles curated from a network of artisans and makers into a collection of unique handcrafted items that reflect the brand's taste for nature, culture and quality, while retaining both function and a timeless aesthetic.

Based in USA | Produced worldwide

Ships to International

yemenite art ben zion david

yemenite art

Handmade filigree jewelry and Judaica handcrafted by Ben-Zion David, whose family has been creating silver and gold jewelry in the Yemenite tradition for eight generations.

Based and produced in Israel

Ships to International

IMAGE: KOKKU - A Sardinian master filigree jeweller solders tiny rings of coiled wire onto a ring base, Italy