ITALY | Sardinian filigree jewelry

A kokku is a Sardinian amulet worn to ward off evil; the company named for this traditional jewel was founded by Ansula and Andrea Usai out of Andrea's pride in his Sardinian heritage and Ansula's love of the gorgeous traditional filigree jewellery given to her by Andrea. KOKKU works exclusively with Sardinian master filigree craftsmen in an effort to 'preserve by promoting', offering a maximum both of support to the art form and of authenticity to its customers. Their range represents core traditional Sardinian filigree techniques and styles, complemented by contemporary yet classic pieces.

KOKKU minimises its impact on the environment by using mostly recycled 18K yellow gold in its pieces, as well as silver 925/1000 with natural stones in line with traditional materials used by Sardinian jewellers, whose extremely fine techniques make pieces lightweight without compromising their profound quality.


KOKKU jewellery is available to purchase through their online store, or by making an appointment for a private viewing.

KOKKU is based in the UK and works with artisans in Sardinia, Italy.


+44 203 468 3384