COLOMBIA | Handwoven bags, accessories and homewares; filigree jewelry

Malambo Australia works with independent designers and indigenous Colombian artisans in impoverished areas to create their line of joyful, go-anywhere woven bags and accessories, and with the artisan jewellers of Santa Cruz de Mompox to bring their unique filigree jewelry to the world.

A particular focus of Malambo is their colourful mochila bags made by the Wayuu people of the Guajira peninsula, a matrilineal society in which weaving has traditionally been a central means of income. Each bag is unique and takes between 2-4 weeks to weave. Malambo's fairtrade partnership with the fine filigree artisans of Mompox — the goldsmiths' capital of South America — brings a second deep cultural dimension to their work, creating an exclusive range of jewelry that incorporates the city's unusual smithing style, bred from the collision of the pre-Columbian Zenu and Malibu aesthetics and techniques with those of 16th century Moorish Spain. 


Visit Malambo Australia's online shop; wholesale ordering is also available. 

Malambo Australia is based in Australia and works with artisans in Colombia.


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