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A hybrid online boutique and e-magazine, MINZUU serves as a destination where the traditional meets with the modern. This social enterprise seeks to preserve endangered traditional handicraft techniques, empower indigenous artisans to expand their economic freedom, and champion cultural diversity in a globalised world, all by helping a broad range of artisanal products from Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle and South America find their way into the everyday life of modern urban dwellers. Each item is a fusion of modern design and traditional craftsmanship, connecting directly to its own cultural origin. MINZUU and their partner organisations also ensure that artisans receive fair wages, access to healthcare, education, and sometimes financial services. 

MINZUU publishes quarterly e-magazine T H E R E on their website, covering stories of artisans in the field, burgeoning brands and designers, exhibitions, art festivals, as well as other cultural events around the world.


MINZUU is an online-only shopping destination, shipping within the US and internationally. 

MINZUU is based in the USA and works with artisans worldwide.