BURKINA FASO | Leather and woven accessories

Former fashion editor Charlie Davies founded SAHEL in order to create new applications and thus open new markets for the long and rich yet disappearing craft traditions of the Fulani of Burkina Faso, among whom she lived for seven years. SAHEL aims to help preserve the Fulani concept of finatawa, a term describing ancient customs and skills for each generation to 'wake up and find'.

SAHEL works principally with artisans creating braided leather straps in the Fulani style traditionally employed in horse harnesses. These are then crafted into tassels and straps for bags of sustainably sourced leather and suede; and into belts and dog leads by English bridlemakers. 


Visit SAHEL's online shop or find one of their numerous stockists online and at street level in the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Burkina Faso or Nigeria. 

SAHEL is based in the UK and works with artisans in Burkina Faso and England; discover their techniques here.


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