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Territory combines founder Rebecca Crall's experience working in developing countries with the love of textiles and indigenous craft fostered by these experiences. The brand works with a network of artisans and makers in both the developing world and in North America to curate a collection of unique handcrafted items that reflect its taste for nature, culture and quality while retaining both function and a timeless aesthetic. 

Territory works long-term with artisans steeped in the tradition of their craft but working in conditions often blighted by conflict. In connecting them with global markets, Territory aims to help their craft remain a viable source of income and thus of stability, both financial and cultural. The independent North American makers with whom Territory partners share the brand's passion for craftsmanship; quality and longevity over quantity and trend; and innovation within tradition.


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Territory is based in the USA, working with artisans worldwide; learn more about their artisan partners here.