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Southeast Asia is well known for its variety of intricate and dazzling textile traditions. Indonesian batik, the traditional practice of creating pattern using a wax resist, is a technique that yields a wide variety of styles, motifs and colors that can be seen throughout the country. And yet, examples of truly handmade batiks that reflect both the craft's long history and its aesthetic appeal to modern tastes can be hard to come by in the wider marketplace. Textiil's founder Sally Weinberg is passionate about supporting and raising the profile of both culture and craft.

Textiil's block batiks are created using hand-hewn copper blocks or tjaps, which are dipped into hot wax and stamped onto the fabric in the desired pattern. The stamped fabric is immersed in a dye bath — often made or extracted from natural sources such as indigo, mangrove or jelawe — then boiled to remove the wax.  The cloth is rinsed, the colour fixed, and line dried outdoors. The batik cloth is then cut and sewn into finished products by a fourth-generation family-owned enterprise, employing a diverse group of women sewers in Lancaster, PA.


Visit Textiil's online shop or keep an eye on their website for pop-up shops. Shipping is within the USA, however international shipping may be available on request — contact is via the email address below. Wholesale and trade accounts are also available.

Textiil is based in the USA and works with artisans in Indonesia and a sewing enterprise in the USA. Learn more about Textiil's work on their blog.


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