Trasto began following years of study and exploration by founder Carolina Arango, into her own passion for design and how this could be turned to a greater good. After working for a time as an industrial designer in Europe, Carolina returned to her native Panama and, after some trial and error, began working with artisans there to produce homewares that are beautiful both in form and function, while retaining all the character imparted by hand crafting.

Carolina has partnered with artisans in both Panama and Colombia: Trasto's glassware is produced by Colombia's last traditional glass manufacturer Julio Vicente, in whose factory each item is hand-blown from 100% recycled windows; their volcanic rock planters and river stone mortar and pestle sets are crafted by master stone carver Roberto Rampolla in Chiriquí, Panama; while the red clay traditionally used to make casseroles and other ceramic wares is shaped and fired by master craftsmen. These and many other items seek to employ and preserve the craft traditions unique to this region while creating homewares of beautiful simplicity and tactility.


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Trasto is based in Panama and works with artisans there and in Colombia. Learn more on Trasto's blog

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